Apr 6, 2010

Im the girl guys sleep with before The One...

... like in that film "Good Luck Chuck" (without the sexy jessica alba above of course).

Its happened to every ex-lover or ex-boyfriend of mine so far. They get with me its great. But after me they meet that girl, the one who could be "The One". I'm like the last wild sex act before they commit, only they don't know it at the time. Its only after when they call me to tell me they're happily married/engaged/in-love that it dawns on me. And tonight it hit me after it happened with a guy who pretty much told me that it never would when i told him of my track record... maybe im cursed?

Of course i know im joking. After my initial crying myself to sleep at the news im pretty much ok about it. Im actually really happy for him, and for all of the other guys out there that have slept with me and found love too ;) Truth is these men were never for me. And i wouldn't want them to lose out on something good just to keep me from getting upset.

Of all my ex-lovers and ex-boyfriends, i've never wanted to keep in touch with any of them after. Mainly because there was too much emotion or attraction. I'm glad to say that the last guy, i very much want to still be able to talk to one day... and im sitting here with a smile on my face while i write this. Of all the men i know, he's the one that deserved to find that someone the most. It took a lot of courage for him to tell me and im glad he did and just wish one day i could tell him this for real. But for now, while he needs me to go away... this blog will have to do.

And possibly i shouldn't tell guys that going out with me will lead them to love. They'd probably all run for the hills? ... or would they ;)

All i know is i am not going to do a chuck and test this theory on some super fat, ugly bloke!




Same here. No kidding. Three married and had a baby so far. Hey, I can see how we could probably end it! But I kind of enjoy it. Even more after reading your post.


lol! i wrote that wheni was like.. omg im cursed. but now i just think i went for guys who weren't the one for me. I guess i just didn't want to see the reality. I'm a bit of a romantic like that...

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