Oct 9, 2009

I want a fiat 500. Ok then!

New Adventure & Me-Time Plan

Project Mission: To get some alone time to finish writing, see something new and get away from London for the day this weekend since i have nothing booked!

Requirement: A Fiat 500, because i want one. Plan is to hire one which i can for £30 a day.

Destination: Anywhere south. Brighton?

Why: Because i can

Musings: Be nice to get away from the city and chill and meet new people and take some cool pictures with my Nikon that currently gathering dust, and make progress with my book.

And: I promise to blog about my adventure...



Delish! Have fun honey!


That sounds like a wonderful plan! Sorry I haven't visited in a while, I redid my profile and had a hard time locating your blog. I found it again though, yay! Hope you are having a great day, can't wait to hear about your adventure to London!

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