Jul 30, 2009

My rampage of appreciation...

I've always said that 'emotions' are just indications of the thoughts you are having, and to change the way you feel, you have to change what you think. If you want to feel good, you have have good, positive thoughts.... and the feelings and behaviour will follow.

It can be harder than it sounds but once you get in the habit it becomes easier to do. One exercise i do every morning on my way to work involves 'appreciation'. being happy with the good things in your life ensures a number of things:

- Your conscious becomes aware of how great you are and how amazing your life is
- Your overall outlook, mood and behaviour is attractive and positive
- You draw attention to the things that make you happy, therefore seeing & attracting more of it

lately through work i've let things slide, so as an exercise i decided to 'appreciate my life' in a blog post... as writing it down always makes it seem more real for me. So what do i have to be thankful for lately?

the sunshine whenever i walk to work always reflects on my hair and makes me warm and smiley

cold, chamomile tea with honey in the morning

kissing you... you always make me feel so sexy and alive

my business idea is starting to take shape... i can't wait to see what happens next year. And i have the best business partner in the world

living in LONDON!!!
my best friends. they truly care for me and love me so much.

i am grateful for my fashion sense. seriously

whoever invented the pill. thank you for making my breasts bigger

H20= great skin, more energy & youthful looks (i love you)


finding a book that i can' put down

Ode to the blackberry - connection to the virtual world of communication. You are my soulmate

the bubbles in the champagne. they make me merry

sometimes, just sometimes... girls get in free

I'm in control of my life and no one tells me what do

All things hot.... like chocolate, weather, men & me :D

MY NIKON D80 SLR. You inspire me!

Freedom of expression: my blog, twitter, facebook...

being a geek

just spending time with you beneath my feather duvet ;)


lacy, sexy lingerie. wearing you... make me so happy

Bubble baths, candle light & lots of me time


Of course i notice these things vary considerably everyday! So above is just a slice in time of what makes me happy now.

Tell me yours... i'm curious to know ;)



Haute! I love the gratitude list. I've got them all over my blog. Re: "Thank You Universe" tag.

glad to hear you're well!!!


Lovely things to be grateful for! Reading yours just made me a bit happier. :)


Aww, great list! I am thankful for lasting love, tweeting birds on a summer afternoon, rain on my window pane, a job in this economy, great friendships, and getting exercise. Hope you are enjoying the start to this week!


Hey guys,

thanks for your comments! You all inspire me everyday to try to find the time to write... and you'll be glad to know i should be back in the next few days now that work is finally winding down! Woooooo!

also if u read my other blog. sorry but i decided to put it on hold. i don't have time and also im writing a book so most of my expression goes into there.... i will maybe revive it later. we'll see. hmmmmm

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