Mar 9, 2009

How to take your clothes off...

The best fun i've had in ages... seriously, was tonight's lesson in Modern Strip Tease. You strut about in sexy killer heels, lingerie and a man's shirt & tie to Lenny Kravitz. A hint of Demi Moore, a touch of Sharon Stone... and its enough to get any girl feeling like the sexiest siren to ever grace the earth.

If you don't have the time or the courage to invest in lessons the rules are simple ;)

- Dim the lighting... kitchen bright beams can kill a sexy mood. Candles are fine but don't rely on them totally. Lamps or a dimmer switch are more effective because you can control the setting. Also it won't be too dark so that he can't see you!

- Prepare the music before hand. A bit of sexy rnb is ideal though you don't want anything too slushy. Keep it slow and maybe loop 3/4 songs on a cd or in a playlist.

- Tie him to the chair. He can't be touching you throughout or you'll never get anywhere ;)

- Make sure you have on a matching set of lingerie... and everything is *ahem* tidy.

- Wear hold ups rather than stockings as these will peel off easier. Nothing sexy about struggling with a suspender belt or sliding your woolly tights down from your waist.

- When performing the slower the better as this makes your moves sexier. Ideally one piece of clothing per song or so i'm told.

- Try to drop or throw the clothing away from your performing area. Ideally behind him or under the chair.

- Look into his eyes as this will stop you from laughing. Seeing him turned on should be enough to keep your expression looking sultry and siren like.

- And last but not least. Act like you know what you're doing and just have fun... trust me. He sure will ;) 


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