Mar 30, 2009

Approval seeking among friends...

When they have an opinion I try not to listen. Everytime I follow advice other than my own, the outcome is not what I wished for and then I feel resentment for not trusting my own judement. As only I can see what is truly 'real' and only I can give myself advice. And yet despite this I still feel pressured to listen and take my friends' advice... just to have their approval, just in case they are 'right'. I have stopped listening, but I'm still anticipating what they would expect. This is becoming detrimental to my health.

Too many opinions confuse me. I then spend too much time in my head. Men are right. Women think too much. Maybe I should buy an x-box? ;)

Still I'm not completely cut-off from feedback. I have a few friends that I trust enough to absorb and reflect their words of wisdom. The difference? Why would I heed their advice and not others?

Well they are living their life how I would want to live mine.

I respect them.

They inspire me to be more than I am.

Their feedback is positive.

They are living by example and happier for it.

They listen to me.

And they do as I do… they give their honest thoughts and then remind me that only I will truly 'know' what to do and don't make me feel bad if I don't agree for follow what they have to say.

So from now on I'm trying to not be so open with my problems and only seek advice of those who I trust. I'm not going to approval seek from anyone, even myself.

And I might buy an x-box….



Hehe I don't advise you on the x-box. Games meet too many needs at high levels and therefor are easy to get addicted to ;)
I love reading you posts as I always find inspiration in them or a flash of synchronicity with my own experience at that moment.
I was wondering the same about my friends the last couple of days.
Most of the times their advice is not accurate for me cause they come from their own experience or beliefs, but I always listen because they are providing me with a new perspective I could have probably never have thought of.
The more information I gather the better my decision. :)
Also thank you for reminding me to be careful not to slip into approval seeking(I am prone to that as well >.< )
I would like to hear your opinion on my last post, if you ever get the time ^-^


stunning words and thoughts

Kami - the day i get an xbox... its all over! lol ;) It is true about the other perspective though, as long as you can distance yourself from following it blindly. Which is what i'm trying to do.

I'm so behind on google reader but will surely try to read some of your posts this weekend now i'm back in the UK ;)

All - Thanks for your comments!

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