Apr 5, 2009

We are only human...

I love snapping photos of shadows. They intrigue me. I love the contrast of dark against a sunny background, the lack of light in the form of your subject, the movement, the dapples, the depth...

So imagine my smile when i stumbled upon this quote:

"The laws that govern nature are the same laws that run our lives. For example, when the sun shines the brightest, the shadows appear the biggest..."

A nice metaphor for truism that when you are most open to love and being loved or the more they see you, the real you... the more unimpressive parts of yourself usually hidden away start to reveal themselves and the flaws and bad traits you pretend don't exist come to light.

People buy their own propaganda. We don't face our weaknesses and don't try to turn them into strengths. In fact how many say often 'Oh well, I'm only human...'. Its the ultimate excuse for all our limiting beliefs, false assumptions and emotional baggage we carry around with us daily.

On the surface, not dealing with these inner issues can hold you back from retaining any sort of relationship. On a deeper level, it can lead to unhappiness and recycling of negative situations. 

Anyone who seeks to be successful in any area should start with themselves first.

Inspired by this i've been looking inward again this weekend and it seems recently:

I get angry & defensive when dealing with incompetence - The fear here is having this reflect on me. I need see things from another point of view and try to understand. I've actually been trying this lately and the change in response and assistance and the general mood is amazing.

I never finish a project - Typically i'm all over the place and fill my dairy to the brim. I'm always late, and always busy. The fear here is having to sit and do nothing... of missing out or being useless? 

I think too much - There is too much going on in my head for me to make sense of it these days. I over think everything to the point i'm not aware of my surroundings. The fear here is looking at myself and being content with what i see and being content with what i have.

I'm making an effort to challenge these fears more now and make changes on an internal level. And the hard part? It's not the changes. For me its acceptance. Everything is balance... and accepting yourself for who you are (warts an all) while in the process of trying to be better is the key to balance in this lesson. 

Anyway if you get a chance... try it. Or at least think about it every time you see your shadow ;)


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