Apr 5, 2009

Being in the flow...

Today i am in the flow. I have been painting. The rest of the world did not exist apart from my canvas and me. The medium was oil pastel and the subject was my imagination. Hours have passed.... and it is still light outside! Bonus ;)

Flow is a new concept for me. Well i knew about it because i felt it when i was 'in the zone' but did not know it had a definition.

Wikipedia says...

is the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity. Proposed by positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi.

Being in the flow creates energy & positive feelings, and so can lead to a heightened state of satisfaction and/or happiness within ones self.

Flow activities are challenges that we can see progression or level/skill up in. They are not so easy to do that we become bored or they can be done by everyone or so difficult that they are impossible.

Now i know... i can see i actively pursue flow activities such as photography, painting/art, writing, yoga, cooking, origami (new), etc. Archery is also a new one i'm researching to do...

Unfortunately Wii games are not considered flow.... shame, i'm getting quite good at guitar hero ;)



there's actually a book about this called FLOW by leading pyschologist in the subject of creativity/happiness Mihalyi Cziksentmilhyi....(i know i butchered that. i'm too lazy to google his name) i'd recommend it!

great picture.


Thats what i'm reading ;) I think he was the guy who first started the concept of positive psychology lol ;)

Chef Green

Did you do that beautiful painting? Its gorgeous.

I LOVE my studio time. It's my boyfriend, I think: I just can't get by without it. That "Flow" feeling you've described is spot on. Sometimes, when I'm really into my canvas, I enter an amazing trancelike state, from which I do not emerge for hours and hours.

Sometimes, I go into the studio in the morning and have no idea what I've painted.

Flow activities ROCK! And so do you!


Lol... you're like the artist that paints the future in Heroes ;)

I did not paint the original. I wish i was that good! Its actually titled 'in the flow'and i thought it was apt ;) Its one of my fave pieces. I'm getting into zen painting techniques and Tara Moorman & Jeanne Carbonetti are my two fave artists right now. I'm trying to adapt to their style by copying their work. I have not yet finished my version of this painting.... *sigh*

Flow activities are the way forward. If i could i would spend my life doing them: cooking, painting, gardening, yoga... even sex ;) We should start a support group for ppl who are addicted like us lol

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