Apr 24, 2009

I read everything...

In fact, I love to read. I even read the back of cereal boxes and toothpaste tubes. I consume words. I love the way they sound in my mind. I even re-read books I love just to relish in the way they have been written rather than the story. I read to broaden my mind and open my eyes to a new perspective. The more I read, the more I see and the more choices & experienecs I have to draw on.

The way I see it…. Each book and article, every thought and idea is one piece of a bigger whole. Sometimes the beliefs overlap each other like petals in a flower, sometimes they don't even connect or make sense. I don't think everyone is right, but neither are they wrong. They are observations of what could, might or may be the truth. I take what I like and what fits into my belief, into my reality and the rest is conjecture.

The more I read, the more my mind opens to possibilities and the bigger my picture of the universe grows. I will never focus on one teaching/theory or way of life. All paths lead to the same place, but the journey to get there is the most amazing part and I would get bored with the scenery if I walked the same route the whole way there.

Reading is my life. And now I write in the hope that others will read my words and ponder the thoughts I have to offer.


Chef Green

Your words always inspire me to reflect and assess. Also...even though we loyal readers all "know" each other so well in the blogosphere-sometimes no one can know unless they "read between our lines." I frequently hide my saddest/strongest points in the pause between a period and a capital letter. As do you!


It made me smile when I saw that you read cereal boxes and toothpaste tubes, lol I do it too. I like reading very much; I'm one of your readers.


I must agree. I also read everything. I read the shampoo bottles as I shower.


J - i love "...". Its like the only way i know how to write!

9volter & K - cool... other ppl who read the useless information on the back of packaging like i do. I am not alone ;)


Hello, I just started to read your blog a few days ago. Your blog widen my mind and thougts, I did not have these thoughts before and even though my friends keep on reminding me I should create my life instead lead by others.
And your blog releases a strong and positive energy, consoles my soul! Thank you a lot. Please keep on writing~


Thx for your feedback. Most of this stuff took me years and years to soak up. And i'm still learning.... ;)

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