Mar 6, 2009

Life's little reminder #3... 'say yes more'

Looking for some cool graffiti for a project i found this...

I say yes to the 'opening of an envelope'. It’s a running joke some of my friends make about me. Truth is, i like saying 'yes' and seeing where it could lead. 

There was a time I used to say 'no'. But that was in the past… back in the days of  the long-term-ex, the semi-detached sub-urban picket fence house, the long commute to work by car, the Sunday lunch with his mother, the evening bbq with the couple next door, the housework, the arguments, the early nights, the video rentals, the monthly supermarket shop, …. And just more of the same.

In the winter of 2006. We broke up the first time. He left me. I found 'yes'. The possibilities became endless. I did it for the thrill of change, because I could, to erase the past, to forget myself, to move on, to become someone else, to find hope… 

Yes is easy for me now. It's a part of who I am. It's more than just a word. It’s a state of being…. Of being open to anything, ready for anything, accepting of anything… all I know is I say 'yes' more than 'no' and I consider the 'possibility' rather that worry about the 'logistics'. It makes life interesting.

Despite this… reading 'yesman' by Danny Wallace last month reminded me of the importance of being a 'yesgirl'. I do recommend the book. I laughed so much out loud it would have embarrassed the 'old me'. It outlined many truths but the main one for me was:

'No' can lead to 'nowhere'… but 'yes' can lead to 'anywhere' and this is when the story of your life becomes worth reading.

And now I'll leave you with a list of things I recently said yes to: new job assignments, running@lunchtimes, schoolnight parties, meeting new people, more burlesque, pole-dancing, feather duvets, writing a blog, making money, trips abroad, cooking more, studying more, nlp & life coaching courses, painting, poetry, weekends in the country, playing polo, giving advice, learning, letting go, opening up… oh and moving to another country.

The last one? Oh I would tell you where, what context and if it was actually going to happen… but that’s another story ;)

Life's little reminder?

Say 'yes' more...


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