May 27, 2009

More naked men pls....

One thing i'm a little tired of is reading men's blogs on dating and having to look at their pictures of naked women all the time. I can appreciate a girl with a nice ass.... i really can. But i can appreciate the male form so much better ;)

So i'm going to be posting my all time favourites for a while in my articles. Just to even things out:

Meet Justin Hartley. Also known as 'Oliver' or the 'The Green Arrow' in Smallville. And yes i only watch that show for three things, Tom Welling without a shirt on, Justin Hartley without a shirt on & the sci-fi fantasy storylines (i'm a geek what can i say. i love that stuff).

Sexy ripped abs & jeans? washing a cute dog? This is my dream guy...



Lol, thanks for the guy candy. I needed that!

TudorCity Girl

Wow.. WOW...WOW. Thank you for the MUCH needed eye candy!! You are right - it is about time a girl's blog involved some hot guy photos and good for you for being the one to do it!!


Oohhh whoa!
I guess Im joining this club, dinno how much i needed it too!

you're welcome guys.

i'm in love with Justin. he is THE guy i usually go for.

stay tuned. i have more where that came from ;)

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