May 18, 2009

Tell me one thing about yourself that not many people know?

This is my fave question when i'm with a guy i want to get to know better. 

"Tell me one thing about yourself that not many people know." 

You should hear the answers i get! One guy told me he liked dinosaurs. Another said if he told me I wouldn't like him anymore? but most of the time they just say.... "i don't think there is anything." boring. and men wonder why us girls stick to "oh so what is it you do?"

Anyway if a guy asked me. Here are a few i could choose from off the top of my head:

1) I always wear matching lingerie. Yes i do. Why? Well its sexy and i know that if i did ever have that "i want you right now big boy" moment. i'm prepared!

2) There is a blank canvas in my sitting room and i like it. I look at it every morning and remind myself "thats my life". No not blank.... but full of potential

3) I steal chocolate biscuits from my housemate Andrea's cupboard when he's not looking. Yes me. I'm guilty. But its better than buying a full packet all to yourself.

4) I sleep on one side of the bed and never move. The duvet is perfect when i wake up. I must sleep like a corpse?

5) I can do the Rubik's cube in 2min34 seconds

6) I write a very private blog that only a few read - no not this one ;)

7) I actually like tequila!

8) I practice strip-tease and erotic dancing most nights when i get undressed alone in my room just for fun. Never a dull moment...

9) I have a brown and double stripe white belt in karate - yeah don't mess with me...

10) I've played one of those super geeky D&D games with magic & levels etc once... and i kinda liked it

11) I once crashed into the back of a friend's car because i was looking in the mirror at my new haircut. but i lied at the time.

12) Sometimes i text and say i'm 2 minutes away when i'm actually just leaving my house.

And now to you tell me at least one thing about you that not many people know ;) I'm curious to see if that question is harder to answer than i thought....



Oh my god! I love your new confessional spirit! OK...I love matching undergarments; tequila, and also practice the getting-naked striptease. It's infinitely enjoyable.

About me:

1. I believe in past lives
2. I pretend that I'm Stevie Nicks when I'm really drunk
3. I've never had a real boyfriend
4. I was a child musician who never amounted to anything: I played the piano, saxophone, guitar, and violin. I'm moderately bad at all of them still. I'll only play piano in public.
5. I'm a total whore.
6. I took every foreign language course offered in my high school. I can ask for drugs and sex workers in many languages, now...
7. My ideal husband is Jack Kerouac. It's true. For shame!


A sexy bitch with an attitude--I like it!

P.S. Tequila is my drink of choice!

J - haha.... yeah i've been doing a lot of that recently ;) Inspired by you and your blog i might add!

past-lives? have you read "Many lives, many masters?"

I also love no 2, 5 & 6 hahha!

J & MJ - Tequila Rules!


one thing not many people this whole post secrets type of post haha..

i'm in lust w/ my best friend's best friend. for two years. i tell everyone it is lust bit it is slightly more..but it's gonna go nowhere for the rest of my life. :( ha

maisquared - ooohh... now i'm intrigued. I love a bit of scandal. If u like secrets u should check out my other blog ;)


1. I'm a victim of drunk-texting.
2. I played the flute for 5 years.
3. I have an eclectic taste in music.

I loved your post!


Umm lets see... so many!
I had a crush on LeoDiCap since grade 5 and later secretly fell for a guy who looked like him and harbored that crush for 5 yrs, but incidently he was my best friends Boyfriend!

ooooh i love him in 'The Departed'. thats when he did it for me ;)

is the same guy you have a crush on for 5 yrs?

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