May 10, 2009

Tomorrow will take care of itself...

Here is a story i read recently by my favorite author 'Paulo Coelho':

I am invited to go to Guncan-Gima, the site of a Zen Buddhist temple. When I get there, I am surprised to see that the extraordinarily beautiful building, which is situated in the middle of a vast forest, is right next to a huge piece of waste ground.

I ask what the waste ground is for and the man in charge explains:

‘That is where we will build the next temple. Every twenty years, we destroy the temple you see before you now and rebuild it again on the site next to it. This means that the monks who have trained as carpenters, stonemasons and architects are always using their practical skills and passing them on to their apprentices. It also shows them that nothing in this life is eternal and that even temples are in need of constant improvement.’

I love that in just a few words he can explain something undeniably profound. Nothing lasts forever and accepting this is the only way to live your life in ultimate freedom. I'm talking of taking risks - starting that new job, travelling to a new country, asking that hot guy out etc... if you are afraid then the only prison holding you back is of your own making. 

And the key to freedom? Accepting that nothing in life is eternal. All we can do is enjoy today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.



Beautiful! Cohelo always gets right to the heart of the matter.


So true! I have dreams of running off to Central America and starting a small, eco-friendly guest house for travelers who want to really experience a country and not just stay on some lame, homogenized resort. I figure I will sell my house in five years and go for it. I mean, fuck it, it's worth a shot. I can always come home if things don't work out. Taking risks makes life worth living!

J - yes he does ;) His writing always inspires me!

MJ - go for it! my plan is to go to NYC next year. Sod everything else ;)

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