May 15, 2009

When a guy doesn't call... after meeting you in a club/bar

Don't take it personally if he doesn't.

A guy can only really be attracted to you when he gets to know you on a emotional and intellectual level, and spends time with you developing fun-shared memories.

Physical attraction on its own is short-lived and doesn't work too well when you are out of sight. Why? because men have bad visual memories, a short attention span and can only focus on one thing at any one time... usually what is in front of them. That's why guys do porn and girls do erotic novels. We are good with our imaginations ;)

Common reasons for a guy not calling:

1) He didn't get to know you enough.... the real you! in like the 5 or 10 mins chat you had when u met in some dark, loud club
2) He's forgotten what you look like (drunk etc) so physical attraction won't keep him in interested anymore
3) He has a gf at home or some other girl has him hooked and getting your number was mainly an ego boost (all guys want to know they can pull hot girls)
4) He lost it or you missed a digit... (it happens!)

Also remember if we come from a place of abundance, there's always another 3/4 to take his place ;)


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