Feb 14, 2009

"And I don't wanna be the One..."

I actually listened to these lyrics the other day and i must say they really hit home. When i was that girl, the one ruled by her emotions... heart on her sleeve an all that... this was my song.

I didn't want to be the one to feel the way i did about someone, and be the only one telling them. And it hurt me that the person who i thought i loved, would say what i wanted to hear but still keep me waiting, unable to offer me anything real. I was the girl in that song... and i was let down so many times.

And now? Maybe i was wrong to be scared to 'Be the One'. If fear is only loss. And you can't lose what you didn't have to begin with... then the fear of rejection is obsolete. I've been burnt quite badly by love in the past and i came out stronger and happier for it. I wouldn't change a thing.

It has been said that 'there is a reason you choose what is happening around you. So hang on, live your way through it the best you know how, and in a bit, you'll find out why.'

I like that. I can relate. Every choice i made or every event that has happened to me in the past i can now see was for a reason, and the reason was always a good one. So how can i not be happy for every outcome however it makes me feel at the time.... cos eventually i will be better off and happier for it, and more importantly living the life i chose

I'm reminded now of something a wise friend said to me recently: 'you have to be open to love, regardless of their emotional baggage/hangups... as that's they only way to be true to yourself.' In a world where a lot of people become cynical and bitter after breakups, hardening their hearts to protect themselves... it would take a lot of courage and a lot of work on your inner self to be able love unconditionally like that. Almost like going full circle and becoming a child again, able to love openly without expectations, but with the wisdom to see past the fear of losing it.

So, if i can try to be selfless & open enough to love unconditionally, next time... just maybe, i also won't be afraid to 'Be the One'?

Until then... i'll admit, i do quite like this song ;)


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