Feb 20, 2009

Life's little reminders #1...

While walking to work today i noticed my unobstructed view of the most ugly building in the world is now no more. There is now a billboard being erected just in front of it.

Even more ugly and now i can't take that photo i've been planning of the arc2 with sunrise hitting its 80's inspired tinted windows.

Life's little reminder...

Change is inevitable: don't take things for granted and expect them to always be so.


Seize the moment when it takes you... don't hesitate or lose it forever.



Ah, I needed your post today... I really love the quotes... do you know the authors? I collect quotes and very much enjoyed these.


So beautifully said. I wish I can take control of my procrastination already! There are so many things we leave for tomorrow, yet we have only this moment... the thing we call now and what we are at this very second.
"I will do this after I lose 5 kg", "I will call my mother some other day", "I will tell my bf/gf that I love her when the time will be right", "We will solve this problem later"
So, so many things...we might never get to do...


Kringle: These two are actually my own words ;) Feel free to collect...

Kami: I remember these two questions by Socrates to Dan Millman in his book 'the way of the peaceful warrior'... 'Where are you?' and his answer is 'Here' & 'What time is it?' and of course his answer is always 'Now'. Helps me to become fully present when i need to be ;)

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