Feb 23, 2009

Life's little reminders #2...

Every month i travel up north for lectures. Last weekend, if i was honest, did not feel like a weekend for study. I did not want to go, even though i had pre-booked my train tickets, made arrangements with my family, and blocked the weekend out in my diary.
As it turns out. I lost my tickets.
I must have absently threw them out with the rubbish. And Virgin Trains, despite my pleadings with the sexy-accented Scottish guy on the phone (and how Virgin knew i had a weakness for a soft-lilted Edinburgh twang I'll never know), would not re-issue. New tickets £80 or please hang up.
Ok then. I would stay in London. That said, my weekend turned out to be pretty amazing.
The highlights...
Fri - chance meetings with friends x2... a masked Italian party... dancing til all hours of the morning
Sat - zipping through traffic to Richmond park to catch the sunset.... watching it in full glory while deeply immersed in conversation on spirituality philosophy & psychology with Guru M
Sun - running by the river while making a new friend... my new wii... one gorgeous guy in tight-wet jeans performing aerial ballet in a bathtub ;)
Life's little reminder...
You always get what you ask for.
Everything happens for a reason.



Hehe good for you! Funny how things just work out right ^-^

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