Feb 27, 2009

Seeing the Matrix...

When i tell people i live in the Matrix they usually just laugh... sounds strange but for me its as simple as 'observing' the world around you. It's pure quantum mechanics.

I call myself 'the lifestyle artist' because that is what i do. I create/design my lifestyle, the way i live my life, on a daily basis. It can be as simple as making a choice or as complex as understanding how events will manifest based on the concept of string-theory derived from quantum physics. In short? I create my own reality. 

If you've ever read 'the secret' or the 'law of attraction' the idea and process is similar. However i'm a scientist at heart and i love to find explanations on a physical level, mostly to satisfy the geek in me. I also like to be able to relate my beliefs to all fields of study. 

Like a twig floating down a twisting river... i try not to get caught up in the reeds or bank of one school of thought, like others do, as this will not lead to the bigger ocean of truth at the end. I research everything and as result i take what i need and fit it together like a puzzle... as almost anything ever written or documented is one part of the whole, though it may have been misinterpreted along the way. You've heard the story of the blind men and the elephant right? Well... i try not to let my disability (human inclination to close off to many ideas/theories/faiths) affect my judgment. I try to remain open enough to see the truth and accept it if it fits in to my reality.

So what is String Theory?

Well in a basic, basic sense... string (or M) theory says all sub-atomic particles have the possibility of 'many' states. e.g. like a string on a violin capable of having different notes in a piece of music. The 'preferred' state of the particle only becomes apparent when it is 'observed'. This theory is the basis for the 'many-worlds' theory or the 'parallel universes'. If this is true, and a lot of research supports this theory* as it fits neatly along side many of rules governing physics that we know of today, including Newton's Law of Gravity, Einstein's Theory of Relativity & GUT (grand unified theory), then the world is not a stage with the script already written, nor is it a world with no script... it is a world where the observer makes the choice and they write the script (though many do it without realising).

 In many studies i have come across, we are those 'observers'. It then stands to reason that if a 'thought' or 'feeling' is energy (for in quantum physics we are all energy), then we the 'observers' can manipulate this energy to alter the preferred 'state' of sub-atomic particles and 'attract' those objects, events or people to us that vibrate at the same frequency. 

And so what do i mean by 'seeing' the Matrix? 

Imagine you are playing a one-person view video game. The rest of the world in the game doesn't render until you 'observe' it on the screen. Until then it can be anything, and only until then. In my life... the real world is like that, except that there are multi-players all rendering their own realities so that they merge and mesh together (which is why so much of the world is not to your preference because you share one canvas with many others). It also explains why when your preferred reality clashes with someone else... you feel uncomfortable in their presence and in their reality. And people who have a connection... well their realities are so in tune, that they are virtually in the same reality so they feel at home around them.

Creating reality happens whether you are conscious to it or not. Most people refuse to believe that they have the power to make changes in their own lives as this takes away their responsibility. The outcome is out of their hands. The way i see it... we are all responsible for the choices in our lives and we all have the power to make our lives match our dreams. 

The key is in the power of desire and the energy it has to change/attract the state of sub-atomic particles. The problem is that quantum physics is not good or bad. It is neutral. And so in many cases people attract negative events or people or they don't allow the positive into their lives. The power of belief is what holds people back from having a life they want. It is one thing to want a new job, but it is another to believe you deserve a new job or to know that you will get a new job. These beliefs... whether thoughts or feelings, create a world where whatever you believe, regardless of what you wish for, is true for you. 

If you see limits... you will have them, if you know the world has no limits... you will live in a world of abundance.

So how do i change my reality to suit my needs?

- by setting goals/desires in my creative journal
- visualizing the outcome or already imagining it exists
- creating a vision board so i'm reminded everyday of what i want
- allowing my beliefs to adapt and change with relative ease
- allowing my beliefs to happen by believing or feeling that they will
- not letting anyone else's reality or negative view impact on mine
- being open to all opportunities that may arise through my choices and desires
- appreciating everything in my life as they are a manifestation of what i created
- by pivoting/spinning all events that happen in my life into a positive outcome

To summarize... yes i see the Matrix because i see how my reality works. I desire something, i believe in getting it, i know i deserve it, i feel i already have it or it is on its way to me, and then i receive it and in turn appreciate it so that more comes my way. I bend reality to what i want it to be... and the way i do that starts with myself and my perception/beliefs and desires. Recording every creation helps me to focus on the fact that it works... and to help me appreciate what i have.  This in turn makes me a positive person with a hell of a lot going on! ;)

And from my fave quote from The Matrix...

Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth. 
Neo: What truth? 
Spoon boy: There is no spoon. 
Neo: There is no spoon? 
Spoon boy: Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

... I couldn't have put it any better.

* 'Parallel Worlds' by Michio Kaku & 'The fabric of the cosmos' by Brian Greene



Oh this is so wonderfully said. You've done a great job at explaining string theory and the law of attraction in one post.
Someone once said the only problem we will have in life is caused by the conflict between our "disciplined and undisciplined mind".
If we can only get our mind in order, so that it will focus on the things we want instead of those we don't... miracles would happen daily in our lives. ^-^
Thank you!


Exactly... use our mind as the 'tool' it was designed to be. Not 'become' our minds & thoughts.

I'm glad you like the post. That theory of mine has been rattling around in my head for ages. Its good to finally get it down on in black & white so others can read it ;)

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