Feb 22, 2009

"I love you.... do you love me back?"

"Girlfriend.... i've never said that before. Even though it freaks me out. I quite like it."

I laughed when he said that. He was being sincere about this girl, his girlfriend. I asked him how he felt about her. We're good listeners us girls and i knew he would enjoy telling me.

"You know. She said she 'I love you' the other day and i said 'I love you too', but she didn't believe me and said she didn't 'feel' that was true." 

Nothing new when it comes to women. I could understand her reaction... she was feeling like she needed assurance/security. However without realising, as she was blinded by her own needs, her disbelief did one of two things: Firstly she had to question his response like he was lying to her and that in itself is an insult. How can you tell someone you love them then call them a liar in almost the same sentence? And secondly... she is choosing to believe that he doesn't love her which exposes her insecurity making her vulnerable and giving him control and also creating a reality she doesn't want but expects. All i know is if i guy did that to me. It would piss me off... and push me away at the same time. 

When i asked him what his response was, my friend was much more mature than that ;)

"Well looked into her eyes, smiled, and asked her to 'feel' again."

"and did she.... 'feel' it that time?"

He laughed. "why of course... because its the truth."


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